M.2 SSD Cooler | M2SSD.B.ARGB


During intensive gaming and multi-media sessions, the SSD heats up very much, which in the long term affects the performance of the storage medium or even damages the SSD.
The M2SSD.B.ARGB cooler lowers the heat of the M.2 SSD with 2280 format efficiently and gently. The SSD is mounted between thermally conductive silicone films and the heat sink in order to ensure safe and loss-free cooling of the storage medium.
Because of the elegant look, the cooler can be easily integrated into various PC builds. The ARGB lighting also lets the memory shine in the interior of the PC case.


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Article features

  •  Elegant black design with ARGB lighting
  •  The design with a large cavity cools with the help of the dissipation of heat into the cooling air circulation of the housing
  •  Equipped with 2x high quality thermally conductive silicone films that can quickly dissipate heat to the heat sink after
  •  being tightly attached to the SSD
  •  quick and user-friendly assembly of the heat sink
  •  Suitable for M.2 SSDs with the format 2280
  •  Mounting kit included (4 mini screws and mini screwdriver)