LiQuRizer RGB | LQ360G.W.ARGB

XC998 | LQ360G.W.ARGB

High Performance and Elegance with the brand new All-in-One liquid coolers from Xilence. These advanced coolers combine impressive performance, quality, flexible tubing, and a metallic design for the ultimate PC gaming experience.

Powerful and efficient:
With an impressive TDP, these AiOs can effortlessly and efficiently cool even the most demanding CPUs.
Stable and reliable cooling that delivers high performance even under extreme conditions.

Elegant design and premium materials:
The design of Xilence liquid coolers captivates with its elegance and the Infinity Mirror. The long, flexible, and sturdy tubes enable easy installation and adapt flexibly to individual requirements. The ARGB and PWM 120mm fans are pre-installed, and the fan cables have been combined, requiring only one cable to be connected for both fan and pump. The high-gloss finish gives the system a sophisticated aesthetic.

Radiant illumination:
Immerse the system in a fascinating play of light. Xilence liquid coolers are equipped with powerful LEDs that illuminate the case in a bright ambiance. The lighting is not only effective but also customizable to underline personal style.

Infinity Mirror with LED technology:
The LED technology creates a captivating infinite mirror effect, giving the system a futuristic and unique touch. The pulsating light of the Infinity Mirror expertly showcases the PC.


Article features

  • Elegant black design in a metallic look
  • Multi-socket brackets for both AMD and INTEL
  • Quick Mounting System
  • Flexible hoses for versatile installation
  • Large copper heat spreader and high-performance radiator
  • Illuminated ARGB pump head with a 3-pin connector

metallic Infinity Mirror look

Illuminated ARGB pump head

Flexible hoses for versatile installation

Technical data

General data

Model Gaming Series | LQ360G.W.ARGB
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 397 x 120 x 52mm
Total weight (kg) 1.8
TDP (W) 350
Socket compatibility Intel: LGA 1851/1700/1151/1150/1155/1156/1200 | AMD: AM5/AM4
Overall noise level (db(A)) 28
Fan model, qty 120mm PWM ARGB
Bearing technology Ceramic bearing
Tube length (mm) 450
Color white

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Radiator specifications
Radiator dimensions (mm) 397 x 120 x 27 mm
Waterblock dimensions (mm) 72 x 72 x 54
Radiator material Aluminum
Cold plate material Copper
Connector 3 Pin
Pump Speed (rpm) 2400 ± 10%
Pump specifications
Speed (rpm) 2400 ± 10%
Noise Level (dB(A)) 28
Input Current (A) 0.3
Bearing technology Ceramic bearing
Max. static pressure -
Fan specifications
Fan dimensions (mm) 120 x 120 x 25
Speed @ 100% PWM (rpm) 900 - 1850 ± 10%
Bearing technology FDB
Air Flow 76 CFM
Connector PWM
Noise Level (dB(A)) 18.0 - 28
Input Current (A) 0.23
Thermal grease Included
Logistical data
Article number XC998
Range Gaming Series
EAN code 4044953503948
Dimensions, package (L x W x H), (mm) -
Gross weight, package (kg) -
Pieces per packaging unit -
Dimensions, shipping box (L x W x H), (mm) -
Gross weight, shipping box (kg) -


Installation guide
Installation guide