This outstanding 120mm fan is an ideal addition to any gaming PC, promising impressive performance and stunning ARGB lighting with low noise levels. The XPF120G.ARGB.PWM fan features an integrated PWM function that allows for precise control of the fan speed to ensure optimal cooling performance. Even during demanding gaming sessions, this fan guarantees good and quiet airflow. One outstanding feature of this fan is its ARGB lighting. The vibrant lighting effects extend beyond the fan core, creating an impressive display of colors. The lighting can be customized individually to make the PC shine in a variety of colors. The fan can be mounted both inside the case and on a radiator or CPU cooler.


Características del producto

  • optimal performance in every situation
  • hydro bearing LED PWM-Fan
  • LED effect with seven different colour options during operation 
  • airflow optimized rotor blades

Datos técnicos

Datos generales

Modelo GAMING Series
Dimensions (mm) 120
Fan speed @ 12V (rpm) 500 - 1800 ± 10%
Color transparent

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Especificaciones mecánicas
Medidas (L x An x Al), (mm) 120 x 120 x 25
Tecnología de rodamiento Hydro
Weight incl. fixed cables (kg) -
Cables / Conectores
Conectores 4 pin + Female ARGB 3 Pin (5V ARGB M/B Sync)
Longitud de cable (mm) 440
Rendimiento / Ruido
Flujo de aire @ 12V (cfm / m3/h) 66
Nivel de ruido @ 12V (dB(A)) 18.0 - 29.3
Especificaciones eléctricas
Voltaje nominal CC (V) 12
Voltaje operativo CC (V) 10.8-13.2
Tornillos 4
Garantía (años) 2
Datos logísticos, Precio recomendado
Número de artículo XF092
Serie de productos GAMING Series
Código EAN 4044953503641
Dimensiones, Embalaje (L x An x Al), (mm) 135 x 30 x 130
Peso bruto, por unidad (kg) 0.173
Número por unidad de embalaje (UE) -
Dimensione UE (L x An x Al), (mm) -
Peso bruto UE (kg) -


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