XC061 | M705D

The compact M705D is a twin tower cooler from the A+ series. It has five extremely powerful black heat pipes, which dissipate 220W of waste heat to the countless cooling fins and thus predestine it for potent multi-core
processors. Due to the direct contact of the heat pipes, the heat transfer between CPU and cooler is extremely efficient and very even. Suitable for cooling processors with very high levels of waste heat.
The multi-socket means that the cooler can be used on all current Intel and AMD sockets. In addition to the double heat sink and the two PWM-controlled 120mm fans, the scope of delivery includes a holding module for the LGA socket
1700/2066/2011/1200/1151/1150/1155/1156 / and AMD AM4, AM5 illustrated assembly instructions and a tube of thermal paste.


Características del producto

- Elegant black design with top cover
- Two heat sinks with lamellar design ensure efficient cooling of the CPU and all surrounding components
- Two black 120mm PWM fans, liquid-stored
- Five 6mm copper heat pipes for maximum heat dissipation
- Hotspots are avoided by slightly protruding the fans on the top and bottom
- The fans can be mounted on both sides of the heat sinks
- Suitable for all common AMD & INTEL sockets

Datos técnicos

Datos generales

Modelo Performance A+ | M705D
Medidas totales sin material de montaje (L x An x Al), (mm) 128 x 108 x 150mm
Peso total (kg) 0.685
TDP (W) 220
Compatibilidad de toma Intel: 2066 / 2011 / 1200 / 1156 / 1155 / 1151 / 1150 / 1700 ; AMD: AM4 / AM5
Nivel de ruido total @ 50/75/100 % (rpm) 18.0 - 32.5
Color Black

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Especificaciones del disipador
Medidas (L x An x Al), (mm) -
Número de aletas -
Material de aleta Aluminum
Material de base Copper
Número de tubos termosifón, diámetro (mm) 5 / 6
Especificaciones del ventiladores
Medidas de ventiladores (mm) 2x 120 x 120 x 25
Velocidad @ 100% PWM (rpm) 700 - 1600 ± 10%
Tecnología de rodamiento Hydro Bearing
Voltaje nominal (V) 12
Conectores 4 pin
Longitud de cable (mm) -
Vida útil @ 25 °C (horas) -
Grasa térmica included
Garantía (años) 2
Datos logísticos, Precio recomendado
Número de artículo XC061
Serie de productos Performance A+
Código EAN 4044953503122
Dimensiones, Embalaje (L x An x Al), (mm) -
Peso bruto, por unidad (kg) 0.9
Número por unidad de embalaje (UE) -
Dimensione UE (L x An x Al), (mm) -
Peso bruto UE (kg) -


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Installation guide
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